WARM UP ® GOLD FORMULA Tube GF150 Without A Place to lubricate gearbox manuale.Riduce wear, enhances torque, reduces noise and vibration, facilitates the transition between gears, reduces oil leaks


– Reduces friction, wear and high temperatures.

– Improve the anti-wear properties and acts as a protection against extreme pressure (EP).

– Improves torque.

– Reduces noise and vibration.

– It facilitates the transition between gears

– Reduces oil leaks

– Leave a film coating on the 1 to 3 micron surface, does not affect tolerance.

– Expand the lifespan of parts and components.

– Reduces the scraping of hot or cold manual transmission () and the blows to the differential.

– Improves flexibility and torque. Delete internal friction.

– Reduces excessive oil consumption. It reduces fuel consumption.

– Inhibits the locking of the engine and the seizure in case of lack of oil. It protects in case of flotation.

– Can be used as a treatment for pre-assembly of the manual transmission.

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