Halogen headlight lamps


The OSRAM performance halogen light with best lifetime

With SILVERSTAR 2.0, OSRAM offers a high performance halogen automotive lamp with an optimized lifetime. SILVERSTAR 2.0 generates up to 60% more light and a beam which is up to 20 meters longer than in standard halogen lamps. This allows you to see road signs, obstacles and hazards sooner and the driver is left with more time to react. In addition to this, these automotive lamps have a convincing price-performance ratio and a modern design with an attractive silver cap (H4/H7/H11). The perfect choice for drivers who place high demands on performance, safety and value for money.


Up to 60% more light

For better visibility and significantly shorter reaction times compared to standard halogen lamps


Up to 20 m longer light beam

For improved visibility and less eye strain compared to standard halogen lamps


Excellent price-performance ratio

For better visibility at a reasonable price

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